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  1. Is Whiter Smile safe to use?

-Yes. Whiter Smile has FDA LTO registration and FDA Cosmetic Product Notifications here in the Philippines.

Our manufacturer is US FDA registered and active ingredients are American Dental Association approved. We can also provide MSDS if needed. For special concerns, please consult your dentist. 

  1. Can this be used even if I have braces?

-No. You can use this before your braces or after they’re taken out to prevent uneven teeth color.

  1. Can it be used with dental fillings, pasta, veneers, and the likes?

-Yes but, this will only whiten real teeth. It can only help remove surface stains on artificial areas but teeth whitening will not whiten their original color. Please consult your dentist for better results. 

  1. How long do results last?

-Since we eat/drink daily, results can last up to 3 years with proper care. If you are a hard coffee drinker or smoker, stains are easier to come back (we suggest to use Whiter Smile as maintenance for these cases)

  1. When can we see results?

-Results will vary from person to person. Some people will see results right away, some will see results after 2 weeks. But, according to most of our client reviews results can be seen as soon as the first use. TIP: For faster results you can increase the duration and frequency of use. You can adjust accordingly.

  1. Who can and cannot use Whiter Smile Home Teeth Whitening Kit?

-Teeth whitening is recommended for people 18 years old and above. This is not recommended for people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have overly sensitive teeth, have jaw problems, have braces, have exposed roots, have other dental issues. Please consult your dentist if you have any concerns.

  1. What’s the difference between 44% and 22% gels?
  • 44% is recommended for those who will bleach their teeth for the first time. It can deliver very fast results. Just apply properly to prevent burning of gums. (This is what’s included in all orders unless requested)
  • 22% is recommended for people who have done teeth whitening before and people with sensitive teeth. It is milder on gums. (Available upon request)
     8. Do we have to store the gels in the fridge?
         How long is the gels’ shelf life? 
         How can I tell if they’re expired?

- If you won’t use it for a long time you may but, make sure to use it on room temperature to prevent sudden teeth sensitivity when using.

- Our 44% teeth whitening gels have a shelf life of 1 year while our 22% gels have 2 years.

-To check if the gels are expired, check for bubbles in the syringe or bubbles during you session. No bubbles = expired gels. There is no harm if you use expired gels by mistake but, they will not be effective anymore.