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How To Use



Mold the thermoplastic mouth trays

• Mold one mouth tray at a time. Submerge tray in hot water (just boiled) for 5 seconds. You should see it soften a bit. BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERHEAT AS THE TRAYS MAY SHRINK.
• Bite down tray ASAP to form an impression. It will not burn you do not worry. Suck the air from the tray and press down lips. This will contour the tray to form your teeth structure.
• Repeat procedure as necessary.

Trim the formed mouth trays

• Cut the tabs. To avoid gel contact with the gums, trim the trays along the teeth and gum line using scissors. Use a mirror for better guide.

Turn on the light

• Twist battery cover counter clockwise. Pull and remove cover. Remove transparent tab, and then insert both batteries ‘+’ side up. Replace battery cover and turn clockwise to close. Press white button to turn on/off.
NEVER SUBMERGE LED LIGHT IN WATER. When cleaning, rinse only while avoiding batteries and keep it dry.


Fill mouth trays with gel and whiten teeth

• Fill the trays with gel along the inner corner covering about 6-8 teeth. Trays are essential to hold gel in place and protect soft tissues such as your gums and tongue.
• Be careful not to overload the tray to avoid contact with gums. Less is best.

•0.5ml to 1ml for both upper and lower teeth should be enough. You may also apply the gel thinly directly on your teeth.
• Place the upper and lower trays into your mouth, and adjust accordingly.
• Turn on LED light. Wear the light as close to your teeth as possible. This will accelerate treatment. You can also use this without the light but double the time
• For first week, we recommend that you do a minimum of 20 minutes treatment. (Up to 1hr if teeth are not sensitive)
• For succeeding weeks and maintenance, you can do half the time.
• For 22% gels just double the time above.
• Rinse or brush teeth after use. Clean trays and light for next use. Store accordingly.
USE 1x DAILY FOR FIRST WEEK THEN 1-2x A WEEK AFTER. When you reach desired teeth color you may use it 2-3x a month or adjust to your own preference.
• Take before and after photos. Use teeth shade guide to track your progress.


INGREDIENTS: (Teeth Whitening Gel) Carbamide Peroxide, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, D-Limonene, Carbomer, Triethanolamine

BEST TO USE FOR TEETH STAINS FROM: coffee, wine, chocolate, tobacco, food coloring, aging, or anything that causes yellow teeth.

STORAGE: Avoid sunlight and keep in cool area. No need to refrigerate but keep in A/C controlled area. DO NOT FREEZE

SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS: Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

SHELF LIFE: 44% -12 months after opening

USUAL SIDE EFFECT: Teeth sensitivity- which should go away after a few minutes to days. If it persists, discontinue and consult your dentist.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Molding and cutting of the trays customized to your teeth is very important and done only once before first session. Trays don’t have to be perfect but, they have to be comfortable to wear and they have to cover your front teeth.
DO NOT OVERLOAD TRAYS WITH GEL. It can irritate gums and cause pain. If you irritate your gums; it might hurt and turn white. RINSE OUT ASAP
If you feel any discomfort during use. You can try again with better molded trays or lesser gel. The irritation should go away after 24-48 hrs. Try again only when there is no sign of irritation or discomfort.


AGREEMENT: By purchasing this product you agree that, you are 18 or over. You do not have overly sensitive teeth. This product will only be used to whiten your teeth.
Your teeth are not decayed or loose. You will not use teeth whitening products if you are pregnant or lactating, have braces, have jaw problems, have exposed roots, have health problems, etc.
You are not allergic to the ingredients listed. Teeth whitening products will not whiten any existing dental restorations such as fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, etc.

DISCLAIMER: We aim to provide the best cosmetic products and we base our judgment based on our client’s feedback. We are not familiar with the buyer’s oral health and condition hence; we cannot make any personal recommendations to the buyer. We are not liable to any negative or damaging results obtained by improper use of our products on any person. It is best to do your research and consult your dentist before using this product.