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Whiter Smile PH Trial Set Home Teeth Whitening

Been wanting to try Whiter Smile but you can’t afford the whole kit? This is for you!

Whiter Smile Trial Set includes:
-10ml carbamide peroxide home teeth whitening gel (44% or 22% available)
- Moldable teeth trays with case
- Teeth shade guide

This set can last you 10 sessions or more!

What’s the difference between the kit and this trial set?
*This set only includes 10ml gel compared to 20ml in our whole kit
*This set doesn’t include the LED light that accelerates the teeth whitening treatment.
No worries cause our gels will still work even without the light, you just need to double the time for it to be activated.
*The teeth whitening effect of our gels are still the same regardless of light or no light, treatment time during sessions are the only difference

Suggested use: 44%- 1hr per session for first week then 30 mins per session for maintenance

(recommended for first time users)

22%- 1hr minimum

(recommended for sensitive teeth)

For better guide on how to use just youtube Whiter Smile PH / How to mold teeth trays